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How to install Mautic on DigitalOcean VPS cloud for 5$/month

DigitalOcean is one of the biggest VPS server provider. They offer great services with reliable price.

How to Create VPS on DigitalOcean

  1. Go to DigitalOcean and create account
  2. Choose create droplet (means VPS cloud server)
  3. For small project choose 1GB / 25GB Disk ($5/mo)
  4. Choose location of your VPS close to your customer location (for me Europe)
  5. Enable backup If appropriate it
  6. Create droplet and wait one minute
  7. Your clean VPS is ready,

If your VPS is already created, check your inbox with access root credentials. DigitalOcean for security reasons require to change root password when you login first time to server.

How to login to server as root

  1. Open console (in Windows 10 use Ubuntu on Windows from Windows store)
  2. Run: ssh root@ipaddress
  3. Paste your password from email
  4. Then you will ask for set new password

Congratulations, now your VPS is ready and you are connected to it.

If your VPS is ready, then follow blog post