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A Week of Mautic #1 (28. 4. – 5. 5. 2019)

Few people last weeks asked me about Mautic development activity. They fear about Mautic progress, and I said them at the moment is Mautic in the best condition ever. You can argue with me, but as one of the most active independent developer I see more deep like any others.

Inspirated from A week of symfony I decide monitor Mautic weekly progress with my few notes and tips. If you have any addition to next weekly update, please send me email.

Weekly notes

  • last week were 7 pull requests merged, 6 pull requests created and 31 pull requests modified
  • Mautic 2.15.2 – the most stable release coming in few weeks
    • 2.15.2 GitHub clean up day on Tuesday (7 . 5. 2019 )
      (all non Pending Test Confirmation pull requests removed from 2.15.2)
    • next Tuesday (14. 5. 2019) we will close testing rounds and go to 2.15.2 beta (all non Ready to commit PRs removed from 2.15.2)
  • new website coming soon (community)

Merged 7 pull requests

Created 6 pull requests

Plugin of the week

Mautic Advanced Templates Bundle

Plugin extends default email template capabilities with TWIG block so you can use advanced scripting techniques like conditions, loops etc. With this PR also support RSS and RSS related to contact’s segment.

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