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How to install Mautic on your own VPS without headache + video (last updat 13. 7. 2019)

In this tutorial you will learn in a few minutes how to properly setup VPS server not only for Mautic, but also WordPress and other applications. And it will not hurt your head.

Our goals

  • Install Mautic on own domain
  • Install Mautic on HTTPS
  • Budget 5$/month
  • Without headache
  • Mautic ready to use

1, Create 5$/month VPS

You can use any clean VPS with OS Ubuntu 16.04 x64 or Ubuntu 18.04 x64, but we highly recommend:

2. Setup RunCloud

  1. Create RunCloud account
  2. Click Connect a New server
  3. Add IP address of your VPS created in Step 1
  4. RunCloud will generate script for your server
  5. Connect to VPS with root password in console (see in Step 1)
  6. Run script in console
  7. Wait few minutes to RunCloud setup your VPS
  8. Then store MySQL and runcloud password displayed in console
  9. Now your server is ready to manage as hosting with RunCloud

3. Create Mautic app in RunCloud

  • create Web application on RunCloud
  • choose PHP 7.2

4. Create database

  • Create database user
  • Create database with utf8mb4_bin collation
  • Connect your database user to database

5. Target DNS A record of your Mautic domain to VPS IP address

Usually your domain provider allow your manage your DNS records.

6. Install free SSL certificate

This script add SSL certificate to your current apps and  auto create SSL certificate with any new APP create on RunCloud.

  • connect to server as root
  • run: pip install rcssl; rcssl -i all; rcssl -a enable;

7. Copy Mautic files to server

  • connect o server as runcloud
  • run: ssh runcloud@ipaddress (password from Step 2)
  • run: cd webapps/mautic
  • run this script in console (don’t forget change Mautic version on begin of script)
  • dont’ forget rewrite Mautic version in first line
wget "${URL}";
unzip -o "${MTC}.zip";
rm "${MTC}.zip";

8. Install Mautic

  • Go to your Mautic URL – in my case
  • If everything OK should start standard Mautic install process

9. Install crons

This script install crons runs every minute for command:

  • mautic:segments:update
  • mautic:campaigns:update
  • mautic:campaigns:trigger

Don’t forget edit first line of directory name of your app.

10. Setup permission

If your PHP app is having problems creating or writing to files or directories, the problem is almost always incorrect file ownership. Run in console something like this:

sudo chown -R runcloud:runcloud /home/runcloud/webapps/

11. Update PHP CLI version to 7.2

Mautic support PHP 7.2, but Runcloud default use in command PHP 7.3. This version returns few warnings. Change it with these lines:

sudo rm /usr/bin/php;
sudo ln -s /RunCloud/Packages/php72rc/bin/php /usr/bin/php;

12. Enable disabled_functions

Runcloud by default disabled few function, maybe you should require for your app. For example Mautic return warning for disabled ignore_user_abort, Multiple Bundle return error for disabled shell_exec and symlink. Apply lines for PHP 7.2.

nano /etc/php72rc/fpm.d/yourappname.conf
systemctl restart php72rc-fpm

Now Mautic is ready to use. Have fun.