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Twilio SMS Feedback

Twilio SMS feedback for Mautic

Receive SMS replies and process it by campaigns.


  • receive reply from Twilio
  • display reply in contact timeline
  • campaign decision On Reply a text message
  • forward reply webhook to another application

Manual installation

  1. Use last version
  2. Unzip files to plugins/MauticTwilioFeedbackBundle
  3. Clear cache (app/cache/prod/)
  4. Go to /s/plugins/reload

How to setup

  1. Go to Mautic > Settings > Plugins
  2. You should see new Twilio feedback
  3. Enable it and copy callback URL

  1. Go to Twilio and set that url to REQUEST URL of phone number or to Messaging Services (attach Phone number to Messaging Services)

  1. If you need use any other app to process replies too, you can set these URLs to plugin settings. This forawrd request to another callback URLs



  • one domain license / 29€ – buy now
  • unlimited license / 149€ – buy now